Programmer Assistant

Philip Yepes

I develop a lot in the field of computer and computer manipulation, as well as different machines. My qualities since I have a sufficient degree of maturity have been the ability to solve problems of this style and also others such as organization, style and function of work and coexistence. Hence my achievements, I am very patient and I pay a lot of attention to everything that surrounds me, I am very dynamic and fun when I deal with a person, but at the same time I am serious and educated while maintaining the knowledge of being in a specific situation.

My goals, as a person, are to grow every day more and learn from others who have already lived, it is the cycle of life. The important thing is never to give up.

Production assistant and audiovisual producer

Dabeat Gallego

Dancer, Choreographer, Start his incursion to the Urban Dance in the city of Bogotá, Colombia in the year 2010 began to dance Street Dance full, finding in the Urban Dance a sense of life, discipline and motivation to meet their goals.

At the beginning of this year, he joined the institutional group of the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, participating until now in all the festivals both inside and outside the institution and leaving the name of the university very high, achieving group and individual recognition. In May of 2010 entered the world of competition forming part of the group D-42 (D-fortytwo), taking advanced classes of new school styles, applied to choreographic assemblies with the Director, Choreographer and Dancer José Luis Cuesta in the art center and culture of the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University. In June 2010 she made her first appearance in front of the Street Dance guild, performing at the district festival of Urban Dance 2010 in the open air theater Media Torta, with the group D-42, that was the biggest incentive of her career to know I wanted to dedicate myself to this.

In October 2010 he performed at the Dunkan Fest. Participating in the Partners category with the Dancer Andrés Ospina of the D-Three group. That same month I participate in Urban Vibrations, with the group D-42 achieving a good performance. Finally, he trained as a professional dancer in the same year, obtaining training through courses, workshops, training and national certifications of Street Dance, to mention a few: Merits and awards in recent years:

NATIONAL CHAMPION OF HOUSE DANCE 2016 1 ° House and Breaking Coexistence LOCAL COUNCIL OF ART, CULTURE AND HERITAGE OF ENGATIVA 2016 Certifies that David Gallego has been developing artistic processes for his locality for 3 years DUNKAN DANCE FEST 2016 SUBCAMPEON NACIONAL CATEGORIA SOLISTA SUBCAMPEON NACIONAL CATEGORY UNIVERSITIES

JJUDGE OF THE BATTLE SESSION (STYLE STORE BATTLE) BOGOTA 2016 JUDGE AND WORKSHOP OF THE CHILL IN DA HOOD MEDELLIN EVENT. STREET DANCE BATTLES 2016 JUDGE ELECTRO SUMMER TOURNAMENT 2016 BUMBAP LATINO 2017 National Champion of Hip Hop Dance Battles 1 vs 1 JUDGE DA NATION BATTLES 2017 JUDGE ANNIVERSARY STREET CATZ 2017 CHILL IN DA HOOD 2017 National Champion Category House Dance Battles JUDGE ANNIVERSARY SWATCREW 2018 BATTLES 1 VS 1 ALL STYLES WORKSHOP IN MARATHON STUDIO D-THREE 2018 JUDGE BATTLES BIG STYLE BATTLE 2018 1 VS 1 ALL STYLE Since January 2017 she has been a production assistant, audiovisual producer, choreographer and dancer for music montages by Alejandra Torres.


Adriana Martin

Publicist graduated from the Central University of Colombia, Technologist in Business Administration of the Los Libertadores University. 5 years experience working with large digital advertising agencies next to large and recognized national and international brands. Experience as a Community Manager, Digital Creative and Digital Planning. Studies certificates of Google, Facebook, IAB among other entities. Experience in digital marketing management for the development of artists working at side of great and renowned artists of different genres.

Social communicator


Social communicator and marketing and advertising technologist with more than twenty years of professional experience in the entertainment and music industry. He has been part of the promotion and marketing staff at major record companies such as Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, positioning and developing artists of different musical genres in different media. For about 10 years he has worked as an independent professional advising cultural and artistic ventures in the area of ​​promotion and marketing.